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Silage Factory

The Orkel compactors are currently baling more than 30 different materials within the waste, industry, and agricultural sectors, and still expanding to new areas of use. Take a look at some of the materials below! Do not hesitate to contact us to find out if your bulk material can be baled.

TMR Factory

Tatoma mixers are known for their design, quality, and reliability, as well as for finding solutions to the needs of livestock farmers from the smallest to the most complex projects, through the development of turnkey designs.


A complete water reclamation solution for Industries to achieve a true zero liquid discharge.


Drinking water and wastewater (sewerage water) treatment plant by using FILTRALITE media in biological and physical treatment.

AFR Plants

Comprehensive solution to creating high-quality alternative fuel from sources like municipal solid waste (MSW), tires, or biomass, including Primary & Secondary shredding, screening, and baling systems.

MSW Treatment Plant

A holistic solution to managing solid waste involves thorough waste sorting and segregation into distinct categories, including organic waste, recyclables (plastic, paper, glass, metals), and non-recyclables (inert materials).