HI-X Compactor HI-X Compactor
  • Category : Waste / Industrial Baler
  • Company : Orkel


A versatile compactor designed for baling finer waste materials such as RDF and SRF. Providing Orkel customers across the world a reliable and high-performing compaction, the Hi-X represents a resource-efficient and user-friendly alternative for storage of sorted and finely chopped waste types. Applying Orkel high- density technology, this compactor model is currently compatible with over 25 different materials and is still expanding to new areas of use. We take great pride in offering highly customized machines, tailor-made to cover all needs. The Hi-X bale diameter is ø115×120 cm, optimized for transportation in trucks and containers.

The new X-generation of Orkel compactors, including the Hi-X, is designed with innovative features to increase the productivity and management of your baling operation. Compatible with our latest smart tech solution, Orkel Precision enables waste management precision for every X-generation compactor owner. Implementing the complete package, you have a Production Management Tool, a Bale Traceability Tool, and a Bale Content Tool at your disposal.

The X-generation of Orkel compactors includes an implemented weighing system, saving your bale data for later analysis and fine-tuning of your baling operation. The intuitive touch screen allows for easy operation and supervision of the machine. Features such as the wide viewing angle, screen brightness, and screen contrast offer optimal readability even in direct sunlight. Setting the machine to run automatically you are freed from manual labor, enabling you to shift focus to supervision and fine-tuning of the machine to accommodate your needs.