MC850 Compactor MC850 Compactor
  • Category : Silage / Baler
  • Company : Orkel


A reliable compactor tailored for customers with lower capacity needs, making it ideal for baling maize silage, chopped grasses, forage mixes, and a variety of other materials. The MC850 compactor can bale a variety of bulk materials such as sawdust, chopped forage maize, chopped grasses, and many more. Choose between net or wide film when baling with the MC850 compactor. Wide film adds extra protection to your material and simplifies waste handling. The MC850 compactor bales simplify storage and handling due to their small size.

When lower capacity and smaller bales are needed, the Orkel MC850 Compactor stands out as the ideal solution. This model creates bales with dimensions of ø85×85 cm, with weights ranging from 250 kg to 450 kg per bale, depending on the material and its moisture content. The bales’ density and limited weight allow for easy shifting and transfer, simplifying the handling and transport of your bulk material.

In line with other Orkel models, the MC850 compactor is currently compatible with over 25 different materials and is still expanding to new areas of use.