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Segel India is a private limited company with a majority ownership of its Norwegian parent company Segel AS.

The underlying idea at Segel India is to provide to European companies in general and Scandinavian Norwegian companies in particular, an access to a culturally diverse Indian Market by setting up their Representative Offices in India.

The company prides itself on building long and productive relationships with its clients and principals based on mutual trust, sales and engineering expertise and a deeply ingrained belief in delivering value to all stakeholders.

We focus on developing our people so that we can deliver best services and products to every client, anywhere in the world.


Agriculture and Dairy Industry- We represent best Dairy & Agriculture Industry equipment manufactures like Orkel, Dinamica Generale, Comex and Grupo Tatoma, Arjes which offer reliable and High Quality Compactors, harvesters, etc. providing a complete range for the dairy Industry.

Sea Food Industry- We also represent top Norwegian Sea Food processing companies which produce delicious salmon and trout products made from sustainably farmed fish like Norsk Sjømat and Sekkingstad.

Water Treatment Industry- We are the face of Filtralite in India which produces expanded clay products used as filter media in water and wastewater treatment.

Service Industry- We provide qualified and skilled personnel for I.T and Accounting Companies based in Europe.