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Orkel Group is an established, strong and pioneering supplier of round balers, compactors and transport equipment represented in over 50 countries on all continents. The company is one of the biggest manufacturers in its segment in Norway and has a unique position on the domestic market. Orkel Compactor Balers are specially designed for making High Density Bales. You can now efficiently make Silage Bale with minimum loss of your fodder. It is easy, fast & efficient machine.

Orkel offer three sizes of MP/MC compactor balers, each specialized for different bale Sizes:

  • MC 850 Compactor produces upto 65 bales/hour with 0.48m3 volume
  • MC 1000 Compactor produces upto 60 bales/hour with 0.67m3 volume
  • MP 2000 Compactor produces upto 55 bales/hour with 1.25m3 volume


The most popular model in India is MC 850 carrying weight 370-460kg. For those who need more capacity, MC 1000 or MP 2000 can be an option.

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